Must-Have Items For Foreigners Getting Married In Argentina

Learn about the must-have items you need to have as a foreign couple to get legally married in Argentina.

Argentina is a beautiful country to visit and of course get married, with lovely parks, architecture, and a great environment that attracts hundreds of foreign couples every year as their chosen location to seal the deal. If you’re looking to get married in this stunning country, there are a few things you cannot forget to bring. We aren’t talking about custom Italian leather shoes for the groom in Italy, or custom wedding trousers for the bride in the UK, we are talking about must-have items for your big day when you plan a destination wedding to Argentina. From proper documentation to traditional items, in this article, you can find useful information about planning your wedding ceremony in Argentina.

Proper Documentation

Although getting married in Argentina is relatively easy and smooth, there are specific documents abroad couples must have in advance to ensure the ceremony can begin. Below you can find a list of all the documents required by the Argentine government that allows couples to legally get married there.

  • Passports & Many Photocopies. Passport is required for foreign couples to ensure they have arrived at the country legally and are not being searched by any federal agency. Having more than 5 photocopies of each passport (yours and your partner’s) is highly advisable to ensure you don’t run out or accidentally lose some.
  • Recent Blood Test. Argentina made this mandatory to ensure both partners are aware of each other’s health status, which avoids possible confusion or further transmission of diseases that one partner may not be aware of having or was not told so by the other individual.
  • If You’re Divorced. A copy of your divorce must be brought with its proper apostille stamp.
  • If Widowed. The death certificate of your previous partner must be taken as well, with the required apostille stamp.
  • These documents must be brought to the Civil Registry Office, known in Argentina as Registro Civil, in which the couple can choose the wedding date and fill out the necessary paperwork to leave everything in order.


Every Argentinian wedding ceremony is finished by throwing rice to the newly married couple, so make sure to bring some extra on your bag to seal the deal with the appropriate Argentina wedding culture. If you do not like this idea or want to do something more unique, flower petals are also a typical way to congratulate couples on their marriage, which are also thrown once they leave the Civil Registry Office.


It might sound obvious, but taking a camera with you is an essential item all foreigners getting married in Argentina should bring. You can either hand it to a friend or relative to take the pictures or hire a professional photographer that can capture your precious and once-in-a-lifetime moments at your ceremony. Not only do rice and petals are a great way to congratulate the couple on their new journey, but a stunning addition to every picture.


Getting married in Argentina is technically free, but there is a little paperwork that must be paid in advance, therefore be sure to have enough money in the Argentinian currency (Argentine Peso). Nothing expensive nor complicated to solve.

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