How to Ensure You Get Authentic Lab Grown Jewelry When Buying Online?

While lab-grown diamonds may have all sorts of technological advantages, they aren’t as well known or widespread. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ensure your lab-grown diamond engagement ring is authentic when buying online. Here are some questions to ask yourself and sellers before committing to a purchase: Does it look real enough? To make sure your lab grown diamonds are genuine, experts say comparing them to natural mined diamonds will give you a good idea of their worth. Many retailers include side by side images of both kinds in their listings so you can easily compare them. If an image looks photoshopped or fake, chances are those aren’t real gems for sale.

Women have always had an eye for elegance, but nowadays they don’t just aspire to look elegant, they also aspire to be elegant! Which means that apart from being well-dressed, women now want to adorn themselves with jewellery that is not only beautiful but also reflects their personality in the best possible way. And that’s where synthetic jewellery comes into the picture! As synthetic jewellery is made from material like plastic and resin, it doesn’t cost as much as real or precious stones, but still looks good and makes women feel great about themselves.

Why Should Women Opt for Synthetic Over Real Gems and Jewellery

For centuries, diamonds have been a girl’s best friend. However, with technology advancing as rapidly as it is today, you can add synthetic diamonds to that list. Lab grown diamond rings are currently just as precious and beautiful as their naturally occurring counterparts, and a lot more cost effective. Since lab diamonds are grown in controlled settings and environments, they are perfectly free of any traces of conflict minerals or pollutants found in nature that might be harmful to humans.

Even though synthetics will never quite match real gems when it comes to eye appeal due to lower flaws and imperfections, they can still be crafted into sparkling beauties fit for royalty. But what’s stopping people from turning towards lab created gems instead of investing in natural ones? Lab grown diamonds aren’t fake because they come from the same source as mined stones: they are real gems in every sense of the word.

Since synthetic gemstones are created in a lab and not unearthed from beneath our planet’s surface, there’s no need to worry about fading, discoloration or damage. Many women find they don’t need to replace synthetic gems as often as their real counterparts; it makes sense when you think about it — precious stones are often subjected to wear and tear throughout their day-to-day lives. From trips through airport security, to long hours at work or play, these beauties take a beating that would be uncharacteristic of an inanimate object. If you do manage to chip your diamond earrings, they can easily be restored with a bit of elbow grease — but that isn’t exactly realistic for all women.

Personal preference

Some women prefer to use synthetic jewellery for reasons beyond price and practicality. Many have been disappointed by lab grown diamond necklaces in particular, so they choose not to wear it at all. While most gems are created in labs, diamonds are natural products that come from deep within our planet. This gives them their brilliance, but also makes them vulnerable to imperfections and variations in colour. Some synthetic diamonds are actually more consistent than real ones! And some women (and men) simply feel synthetic is more stylish or modern than its real counterpart. Take your pick; there’s no right or wrong choice here—only what you like best!

Opulence as an asset

Synthetic jewellery has a class of its own. Crafted from high quality, durable materials like crystal glass and metal alloys, these pieces combine style with durability. Unlike regular jewellery made of precious metals, which need to be handled with care, synthetic jewelry is tough and can take on daily wear and tear without losing its gleam. Also, synthetic gemstones are easily replicable making it possible to design bespoke pieces without spending a fortune. That’s why women who want to pamper themselves can buy replica designer fashion jewellery at one tenth or even lesser than their real counterparts without missing out on luxury or fine craftsmanship.

Replacing stones in real jewellery with synthetics on a budget

If you’re looking to go for a faux look on a budget, it doesn’t make sense to buy fake stones. First of all, these can run upwards of $5-$10/gram in bulk (not counting setting costs), which may or may not end up being more expensive than a real stone. Second, they just don’t sparkle like genuine gemstones do. That said, if you have an outfit that looks quite nice with costume jewellery, try and swap out certain elements of your outfit with fakes instead. We love a statement necklace on top paired with real Lab grown diamond earrings and then budget jewellery down below—or vice versa! However you choose to experiment with synthetics will depend on your personal style.

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