Buy Havells Air Cooler Online at the Best Price

A lot goes into purchasing the right air cooler for your home. Apart from understanding your requirements and considering other external factors like capacity, room size and features, the most important thing that you need to pay attention are to the brand value. 

If you invest in a good quality brand like Havells cooler, you can be assured of the performance and longevity of the machine. Also, more top brands offer extended support and assistance to their customers which is a major plus. You can also get the best havells air cooler online at an affordable price from the best retailer. Here are some of the top models that are available online at the best price. Read to know more!

  • Havells Desert Air Cooler: 

It annoys having a room cooler that keeps nagging you because of the unpleasant noise. Havells cooler is made after considering this aspect. For instance, the Havells Desert air cooler allows you to enjoy chilled air and avoids an irritating sound. It will cost you approximately 15000 but will provide a smooth experience. Henceforth, room coolers by Havells have a quiet operation that doesn’t disturb you while working! You can buy the havells air cooler online from shopping platforms like the Bajaj Mall! 

  • The Havells Personal Air Cooler: 

It is disheartening when you want to watch a movie with your family in the living room, but you can’t because the cooler is too heavy to shift from your room to the living room. How many of your movie nights have spoiled because of a massive and stubborn cooler that won’t move? Many. Try out the Havells Personal air cooler with castor wheels priced at INR 8000. With this Havells cooler, you can rest assured because you do not have to lift the cooler to take it from one room to another. The caster wheels make it super-easy to place the blower in another room! If you want to sit in the garden or the porch area, all you have to do is push it! 

  • Havells 75 L Desert Air Cooler

Another tiring task in the irksome summers is to take the cooler to the service centre. It is exhausting to lift and take it to the service centre and then bring it back. Therefore, Havells cooler gives you an option to avail of the at-home service! Moreover, the Havells 75 L Desert Air Cooler offers you a one-year onsite warranty! Imagine how relaxing it would be to sit back in your home while a professional comes to provide the best Havells cooler service in the comfort of your home! Moreover, you can buy the Havells air cooler online to avoid the hassle of transporting it to your home after buying it! 

  • Havells TUONO personal air cooler: 

The warranty is one of the crucial factors that affect your decision while buying an air cooler online. A room cooler is not a temporary investment but a longer one. Havells has established its rapport in the Indian market because of its premium products like the TUONO personal air cooler INR 8000 (approx). The Havells cooler has a warranty period of one year to help you deal with any manufacturing defects! Moreover, a strong warranty is synonymous with a durable product. 

  • Havells 24 L Personal Air Cooler: 

Check out a Havells air cooler online, and you will see the advanced specifications. The Havells 24 L Personal Air Cooler offers a large tank capacity, adequate cooling area, low-power consumption, and three-speed settings at INR 11000 approx. This personal Havells cooler is the best in terms of mobility. You can easily carry and move it as it is designed to be very lightweight and portable. It is one of the best Havells air coolers you can get on the market. 

In addition, buying an air cooler online on EMI will not disturb your monthly budget because you can buy it on the EMI plan from the Bajaj Mall! You do not have to pay any upfront charges and EMI interest when it comes to shopping at the Bajaj Mall. They have more than a million products online for you to choose from. Head to the Bajaj Mall and place your order to get it home delivered. 

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