Pre Cut Fabric: A Guide To Its Many Benefits And Uses

In the past few years, the fabric manufacturing industry has been turned upside down. Now you can easily get what you need with a plethora of choices without having any hurdles. To make the craft of designing and sewing dresses or home furnishing apparel easy, textile manufacturers have come up with the concept of pre-cut fabrics. With this trend, the concept of pre-cut jelly roll fabric has arisen. 

Nowadays, we can easily get the standard size of fabric for a quilt as pre-cut quilt fabric kits are available on the market. But what are the benefits of using pre cut fabric strips? Why are people using these materials? So, let’s explore the reasons behind its popularity and its uses. 

What are the precut fabrics 

If you’re new to the lovely world of making your own clothing, or if you’ve been away for a while, you may have observed that pre-cut material has created quite an impact on the market in recent years.

Fabric companies began offering pre-cuts to advertise their latest fabric ranges. Pre-cuts are frequently made from material from the very same collection, making it simple to match patterns and textures. This may save you a huge amount of time and improve your sewing tasks’ easier and speedier to complete!

Using precut fabrics means that you are working with the specific fabric design in such a way that you create something scrappy but coordinated in appearance.

With the pre-cut material, you can make your sewing project in the snap of a finger. Here are some other benefits that you can enjoy while picking pre cuts. 

The benefits of pre cut fabrics 

Perfect colour combination   

One of the best things about the pre-cut fabrics is that they come in bundles with a variety of colours and patterns that match each other. When you do not have enough time or don’t want to put much effort into matching hues, this concept serves as a saviour. Fabric manufacturers majorly combine the various pre-cut fabrics into a bundle from the same collection. With the help of these materials, you can have matching fabrics. This makes the hardest process of sewing projects so easy.

Grand variety

Another thing that makes these precut fabrics so attractive and demanding is the broad variety of fabrics in a single bundle. Textile companies, while creating bundles for pre-cuts, ensure to include at least one from every collection. Without costing an arm and a leg, you can enjoy a variety of materials with a single group of pre cut fabric. 

So with the pre cut fabrics, you can have a myriad of alternatives to choose from with a number of hues and shades. 

Save time 

With the precut fabrics, you can save a lot of time for other things, like being creative with the design of outfits. As you need to spend less time on selecting colours and patterns, you can utilise it with other factors. 

It saves you from getting exhausted. 

Minimum waste 

What makes you most exhausted and tired during the designing and drafting of apparel? Well, I know it’s not the process, but dealing with piles of wastage after sewing makes you irritated. But pre cut fabric allows you to have very few strips after your sewing project as most of the pre cut comes in standard length. 

Add colour to your life 

These pre cut fabric bundles come in vibrant hues that give colour to life and your shelf. With these bright shades, you can give a new theme to the sewing room. If you are into the fashion business, then these colourful pieces of clothing would make your workplace and store look amazing. 

To buy beautiful pre cut fabrics with different colour patterns and crafts, visit Fabriclore. Here you will get different crafts blended with different types of fabrics.


I hope from this post you are clear about why we should try pre cut fabric bundles. With the pre cut jelly roll fabric, you can explore various patterns and designs in a single group. So why wait? Try pre cut fabrics that save you time and money while making your creativity awesome. 

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