The 9 Secrets of Successful Craigslist Sellers

 Craigslist is used by most people for the normal reasons. Either your looking for something, such as a home, used goods, or a partner, or you have something to trade or offer. You can still make the most from the service with these tips and techniques.

 A little knowledge can be the difference between selling your item in minutes or days and having it sit in the archives for a month. These guidelines will ensure you have better results next time Craigslist posts something.

 These are not general Craigslist information. Don’t give out any personal information or agree to meet new people. Craigslist offers safety and fraud information. In addition, there are helpful  craigs list seattle forums.

 1. Repost to Keep You Ad on Top

 Wouldn’t a simple button allow you to send your last week’s ad to the top of this page? We’re sorry, but that won’t happen. Craigslist has taken steps to prevent this. It’s mostly to stop spammers engulfing Craigslist. There are many ways that spammers won’t mind, and they should be considered if you want your ad to be noticed. Buyers do not want to have to search through pages and pages full of old posts. Also, if you wait for 30 days to repost (the time it takes to your ad’s expire), it may take a while before it sells. If you don’t receive a response within the first few days of posting, it’s probably time for you to repost.

 This video will explain everything, but it also includes a short step-by -step guide.

 Before you start posting ads on craigslist seattle. While it’s not required, it is very helpful.

 Post your ad according to the instructions below.

 Log in again the following day.

 Right click on “Edit This Posting”, and then open it in a brand new tab.

 Right click on your ad in the “category” and open it in new tab. All tabs allow you to quickly back-and-forth edit.

 Click on “post” at the bottom right, and select a type and location.

 Now go back to your original ad tab and copy and paste each part into the new blank template. When done, click continue.

 You will need to fill in the annoying captcha code.

 Now, return to your old advert (it should be the second tab) and click on Delete.

 Your ad needs to be republished at the top.

 2. ALWAYS Post

  A Image

 A GOOD Image

 Visual creatures are what we are. Post an image of yourself or a property you want to sell, regardless of whether it’s an old TV or a house. Most people will click images-based ads first. When I’m searching online for used goods, I filter out ads without images. My reasoning: If the person isn’t posting photos, it may indicate that something is wrong with the item. You should also ensure that you are posting photos of the item in clear, crisp colors. Don’t try to take a picture of the item using your phone with blurred or out-offocus photos and call that a day. This just frustrates the buyer. They’ll move onto the next thing.

 3. In your Headline, Don’t Ask a Question

 You might be able to use it to your advantage if you are posting a job, a personal notice, or offering a service. If they’re appropriate, questions can draw people in. When it comes to personal relationships, questions work well. If you’re selling something tangible like a home, a vehicle, or an object that you no longer want, I suggest keeping the headline informational. Consider these headlines.

 They are basically identical in content. But the first is a clear description. The second one feels like marketing talk. I feel like a car salesman trying sell me a junker with a new coat of paint. As with any listing in a Best Buy Catalog or Target catalog, you should be direct. It’s even more important if you’re trying to sell a home. Do not pretend to be smart. It will be a pain.

 4. Be as specific and precise as possible

 Remember that you want to sell something people will go to great lengths to obtain. Before they will spend the money or time to go to your house, or to your business, they need to know as much about the item as possible. I’ve seen items with barely one sentence written about them.

 Yeah, great. It’s great to see photos of the bookcase with details such as type, age, origin, maker, and place. It tells you a lot too about the seller. One couldn’t even post the ad. But the other did a good job. It may not be true to your character or the condition of what you’re selling but Craigslist has a lot of first impressions.

 5. Do Your Homework

 You thought homework was over. Craigslist’s reach is enormous, with many millions of items listed each year. How do you sell your sofa? Craigslist is a good place to start. Browse the ads and find similar sofas. Do you see a sofa being posted repeatedly? It was clearly not selling. Why didn’t it go? Too high price Poor pictures, no photos Dig deep. Once you have the facts, you should be capable of writing a compelling advertisement. But here’s the tricky part…

 6. Verify the Price

 Like many negotiations in life it is about negotiating between what the buyer wants and what you want. Buyers want to pay as low as possible. And you want to get everything you can. Don’t post an item for too much, you’ll not get any offers. If your price is too low, you’ll lose all of your bargaining power. Craigslist buyers will always attempt to reduce your price. It’s worth considering this. I accept the lowest price I am willing to pay, plus 20-25%. This doesn’t apply to all things, like a house or a car, but it’s a good rule. Post your sofa and ask for $300. Take no less that $225. Most likely, you will get $250. And everyone is happy. The most important thing is to accept cash only.

 7. Get items that pair well together

 Although it may seem obvious to many, people will list a glimmer and a crib in separate posts. It’s possible that one of the two may be needed by someone who is searching for it. Combining them is a good idea. If you are willing to take them both, you can offer a discount. If you’re willing split them, mention it as well. Two birds can be bought with one advertisement.

 8. Be an eager beaver

 I am not one who likes to be contacted immediately by phone or email. Craigslist sellers can increase their chances of selling their items by contacting people promptly. Most sellers will send many emails to multiple sellers. The seller who responds first wins. Be polite, enthusiastic and make sure that you are first. Post your ad whenever you return from vacation or business trips. To minimize the wear and tear on your hands if you find yourself responding a flood of emails, Texter can help.

 9. Consider Trades

 Craigslist shows that bartering is still alive and well. People are now able to have a lot and not much of what they want. One man’s trash is another person’s treasure.

 These nine tips will get your items moving faster that sunscreen during a heat wave. Please let us all know if there are any selling tips that you think would be a great idea. A final word, please, before I sign off:

 Be a good Craigslister.

 It has happened to many of my friends. I do my research, find exactly what I want, and then I send off an email. The reply tells me, “Sorry. This was sold.” So why is the ad still showing? And even worse, it’s still there every day when you search for the same item. Do not litter Craigslist displaying your old ads. It will only be a distraction to this community.

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